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Gmail Growl 2.4

It monitors a Gmail account for new mails and displays fancy desktop alerts
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Markus Mohnen

Gmail Growl is a replacement for Gmail notifier for Windows. It uses Growl for Windows to create user notifications. When you get an e-mail on Gmail, Gmail Growl will use IMAP to retrieve your messages, which is the fastest solution. It will then fire up Growl and send you a notification, which you can customize. Gmail Growl also allows you to carry out several operations from its system tray icon. You can compose a new Gmail message just by clicking the option on the icon. Also, when you get new e-mail, simply clicking the notification can take you to the message, thus eliminating the need for right clicking the icon and going to the inbox. Gmail Growl will display the number of unread messages from your Gmail accounts. The application is absolutely free and it really doesn't use up many system resources, but it will detect any network changes if any should happen. It has support for proxies and SSL connections. The new version of Gmail Growl 2.0 (beta) supports multiple accounts and should soon come out of beta status. Still, version 1.6.1 (reviewed herein) works great and even supports Google apps users. It does require Growl for Windows, though.

José Fernández
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  • Custom notifications
  • Fast retrieving of messages from the server


  • System tray icon is a little bit small
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